My Brown Furry Friend

I whisked him home on a cold moonlit night

Swift as a horse drawn chariot

Filled with emotional delight

We flew down the highway

like a comet through the sky

Hoping he would like where his brown furry body

where eventually lie

The days, the months, and the years passed by

Most with happiness and some with a cry

He had a second home to my dismay

It was the route 516 Animal hospital

Where he likes to go and sometimes stay

He liked the doctors and the staff especially Rene

Who said “How’s our boy” and then a laugh

He enriched my solitude life like no other friend

but in the back of my cob webbed mind I know this will eventually end

As fate would have it, in the month of May

We had to take my brown furry friend to his final lay

As he slipped into the abyss late that night

He went without a struggle, he went without a fight

Now that this wonderful experience has come full circle and to an end

It’s so hard to picture my life without my brown furry friend

This poem is dedicated to a great companion and the talented and caring staff at the Route 516 Animal Hospital who just enhanced this wonderful life experience.
Thank you.
Tim O’Malley