Our little dog gretel we had to put to sleep

she was sixteen years old and had trouble standing on her feet.

When my wife phyllis took her outside to take a pee

it was truly sad because at times she couldn’t see.

She had so many aliments that she never had before,

one minute she’d be running, and next would have trouble standing on the floor.

Phyllis was beside her self and wasn’t sure what to do;

she asked for my advice and i said, “it’s completely up to you.”

One night when she was ailing phyllis stayed close to her bed,

in an effort to comfort her but she fell asleep instead.

The night she fell asleep on the kitchen floor,

i knew things were getting out of hand -she couldn’t do it anymore.

The next day she realized what she had to do,

gretel had to be put to sleep, it was the humane thing to do.

She called up the doctor and told her what had to be done,

the doctor agreed and said to bring gretel over – i knew this visit wouldn’t be fun.

Phyllis wrapped gretel in a blanket and i drove the car,

we were there in no time at all the doctor’s office wasn’t far.

When we got there phyllis had the proverbial forms to fill out,

releasing the medical staff of all responsibility no doubt.

The nurse inserted a catheter in one of gretel’s veins,

when asked what it was for she responded, “that’s where we administer the shots so there isn’t any pain.”

We were escorted to a waiting room and seated on a couch,

phyllis held gretel in the blanket so she couldn’t squirm out,

she held her nice and tight, and when the doctor produced a needle we both knew the

end was in sight.

The doctor administered two shots into gretel’s veins,

she died peacefully within two minutes without a sign of any pain.

Gretel was a part of our family for sixteen years,

when phyllis decided to put her to sleep she shed many a tear.

However, when i look back at the good life she had,

i truly can’t be sad,

i’m sure gretel was the first and only dog to die feeling so glad.

By Paul Lavelle