Don’t wait until something happens, plan ahead with Pet Insurance!!

Focusing on Care not Cost

pawDon’t you wish your pet could talk? Then he would be able to tell you when he’s not feeling well or where it hurts. Instead you learn to pick up on signs of illness in your pet. You also rely on your veterinarian to tell you exactly what’s going on with your pet’s health.
When your veterinarian gives you a diagnosis and a treatment plan, are you financially ready for the cost? Maybe it’s time to consider getting pet health insurance as a financial health care solution. Pet owners are learning that reasonably priced pet health insurance is available and is successful in helping to afford veterinary costs.

How Pet Insurance Works

Using pet insurance is simple. You simply pay the veterinarian at the time of your visit, fill out a claim form with your pet’s diagnosis and treatment, then fax or mail the claim form to your pet insurance company for processing. You’ll get a reimbursement check sent back to you for eligible expenses.
Pet health insurance companies are the same as human health insurance companies. They charge premiums and deductibles for different levels of coverage. Make sure you read, understand and choose the plan that’s right for you. Exclusions may apply also but it’s worth looking into. There are several pet insurance providers out there. Check out a few of them and compare what they cover and the monthly costs.