April 2018:

A Skin Scare!

“Bonzo” Bowman is a very handsome 2 year old male neutered Golden Retriever that presented for evaluation of a few red, raised, firm, crusted skin masses on his neck.

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March 2018:

Grape Toxicity

Late one fateful evening, Kody the boxer mix puppy was following his human siblings around as they ate a snack.

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February 2018:

Dental Disease in Dogs

When people have bad breath, we offer them a mint or tic-tac.  Unfortunately, when our pets do, they come kiss us with that horrible breath.  We just let them and tell them how stinky they are.

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January 2018:

What Is A Femoral Head Ostectomy?

Grayson is a 1.5 year old male neutered domestic shorthair cat. He presented to our practice for lameness. His owners did not know of any recent trauma, but Grayson was limping and didn’t want to eat or play. On exam, he was very tense, painful and had left hind limb lameness. His radiographs revealed a capital physical fracture, or fracture of the femoral head.

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December 2017:

Aural Hematomas

Reese is a handsome 10 year old male Labrador retriever that presented to the Route 516 Animal Hospital for evaluation of his left ear. The owners had noticed that part of his ear appeared swollen and he was shaking his head back and forth.

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November 2017:

“The Evil Eye”

As it is around the time of Halloween, a case about ‘evil eyes’ seemed appropriate. The patient involved, however, is far from evil. She is a sweet, 10 year old Golden Retriever named Lindy, which happens to belong to our very own hospital manager, Nancy.

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October 2017:


Demodex is a mite that lives deep in the hair follicles of dogs. Dogs with compromised immune systems can suffer from demodicosis, a condition in which there is an excessive proliferation of these mites. This can cause hair loss and inflammation of the skin.
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September 2017:


Roo is a 5 year old spayed Bengal cat who presented to Route 516 Animal Hospital in March 2017 for a wellness exam with vaccines. On her physical exam, it was determined that she had a very large umbilical hernia.
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August 2017:


“Scrappy” is an about 5-6 year old male neutered domestic short hair cat that presented for evaluation of hair loss and swelling on his nose. Scrappy was a stray cat that was being fed for about 2 months by a family that was interested in taking him inside as a pet.
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July 2017:


No, this is not a reference to the Metallica documentary, or a fan of Lady Gaga! This refers to Mia, a very sweet, 4 year old, female Rottweiler (not a monster in any way!!) who presented for an examination because she had been vomiting for several days and had a decreased appetite. Her owner was positive that she had not eaten anything unusual, but told us that he thought she was about to come into “heat” and that he had been considering breeding her as she has such a wonderful temperament.
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June 2017:

Napoleon’s Corneal Ulcer

Napoleon is a male French Bulldog that was brought in to Route 516 Animal Hospital at 9 weeks of age. His owner had recently adopted him and noticed that his eyes were red and there was a cloudy area on the surface of his right eye.
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May 2017:

There’s No Worming Your Way Out Of This One

Deworming kittens and puppies is an essential step to ensure their healthy development. Gastrointestinal parasites are so common that the CDC currently recommends deworming all kittens and puppies three times.

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April 2017:

It’s A Sticky Situation

Charley is a 5 month old female Labrador Retriever who presented to Route 516 Animal Hospital for having a decreased appetite, gagging, and vomiting for several days duration.

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March 2017:

“The Blocked Cat”

“Dunkin” is a handsome 4 year old male neutered domestic shorthair that presented to the Rt 516 Animal Hospital for a 24 hour history of posturing to urinate in inappropriate areas, crying and seeming uncomfortable while in the litter box.

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February 2017:


With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I felt that this would make an interesting case for discussion.

Zoey, a 2 year old, mixed breed female dog had presented as an emergency with what looked like an arrow shaft through her leg. No, Cupid had not fired his bow, though she did have a lot of love to give to her owners. Zoey had arrived in the lobby with her tail still wagging.

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January 2017:

Splenic Mass

Wilson is a sweet 7 year old male neutered mixed breed dog that came in to Route 516 Animal Hospital in December 2016.

His owner was concerned because Wilson had been vomiting and had a decreased appetite. His physical exam showed him to be slightly dehydrated, and it was recommended that we do some lab work and radiographs of his abdomen to get more information.

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December 2016:


Dexter, a 4 month old domestic shorthair cat, presented to the hospital for evaluation of scabs on his body.  He had several areas of alopecia, missing hair and crusting.  Bacterial and fungal skin infections can both present with this history.  

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November 2016:

Disc Disease

Max, a 9 year old male neutered Dachshund, presented to our hospital for having a painful back, and difficulty walking. On Max’s initial exam, he was completely paralyzed in his hindlimbs. He was able to feel some pain when his paws were squeezed, but he didn’t appear painful.

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October 2016:

Canine Mammary Tumors

“Molly” is a beautiful 6 year old female Catahoula Leopard dog that presented to Rt 516 Animal Hospital for a mass noticed near one of her mammary glands.  At the time, Molly was not spayed as she was previously intended to be bred. On examination, we found an approximately 2 x 3 cm mass associated with her right 3rd mammary gland. The remainder of her physical examination was normal.

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September 2016:

Feline Hyperthyroidism by Dr. Andrew Lenton

‘Star’ is a sweet 16 year old female Domestic Shorthair that was brought in recently by her owner to Route 516 Animal Hospital. Her owner was concerned that Star had been losing weight over the previous months despite having a very good appetite and drinking more than usual. She also reported that she had been vomiting recently and was not as playful as she used to be.

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August 2016:

Can’t handle the stress? : Canine Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s Disease)

Bianca, a 7yr old, female, spayed Yorkshire Terrier presented to our hospital because she had been low on energy and had vomited a couple of times over the weekend and was trembling at times. Her owner had told us that she had been having diarrhea occasionally over the past few weeks, but she thought that was because she was fond of chewing twigs and leaves.

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July 2016:

A Kitty Killer: Lily Toxicity

An extremely handsome 9 month old neutered male Flame Point Siamese kitten named “Bubba” presented to our hospital with a four day history of vomiting, decreased appetite and hiding. The owner mentioned she had recently received a gift – a bouquet of flowers which contained lilies. She did not see Bubba bothering with them; however, given his clinical signs, lily toxicity was suspected.

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