Care Credit for Veterinary Medicine

Whether it’s a routine checkup or emergency surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to get the best medical care for the pet you love. That’s why we’re pleased to offer CareCredit, North America’s leading client payment program. CareCredit lets you say “yes” to the best treatment for your pet immediately, and pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your budget.

Like a Credit Card, but better

CareCredit works just like a regular credit card, but without high interest rates, annual fees or pre-payment penalties. CareCredit offers no-interest and low interest payment terms, zero hidden fees, and low minimum monthly payments. You can use your careCredit card over and over for all your pet’s follow-up care as well as annual exams and vaccines. So you can focus on what really matters, like playing fetch and learning new tricks.

With CareCredit:

–Enjoy low minimum monthly payments

–Get a No-Interest Payment Plan for any treatment amount

–Start your pet’s treatment immediately

Learn more by visiting or ask our staff for details.

Heartgard PLUS is a chewable tablet taken monthly. It is highly effective in preventing canine
heartworm disease.

Heartgard PLUS is used for the treatment and control of common canine parasites including heartworms,
hookworms, and roundworms.

Heartgard PLUS is safe for dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and older and is safe to use in pregnant and
nursing dogs.


HEARTGARD Plus comes with the Plus Guarantee of Satisfaction!

The HEARTGARD Plus guarantee remains in force only when you obtain it from a licensed veterinarian with whom you have a valid doctor-owner-pet relationship.

Ask your veterinarian for details about the Plus Guarantee of Satisfaction from Heartgard.

Heartgard PLUS Chewables for dogs are available by weight.

They come in 6 month or 12 month supply.

Our Hospital has the full line available to you at all times.

Stop in to pick up your Heartgard PLUS today!!

When you purchase a 12 month supply through our hospital, not only will you save money, we will also submit a $5 rebate for you in the mail.

Don’t forget to protect your pet from fleas, ticks & mosquitos this season!!

Use Frontline year round for the best protection possible!!