Written by:

Cecily Reynolds, DVM



(The abandoned dog found tied to a stop sign)

Angel is a male, intact German Shepherd who looked about 7 years old that was brought to Route 516 Animal Hospital by the East Brunswick Animal Control. He was an abuse case who was found tied with a rope to a stop sign in the heat of the summer with note stating he was “a good dog that gets along with children”. When Officer Blumig brought Angel in he was an absolute mess. An astounding odor followed him and all employees were required to wear gloves to handle him. His hair coat was very thin and revealed skin that was very greasy, darkened and thick. He was very itchy and covered in abrasions and wounds secondary to the constant scratching with his overgrown nails. He had terrible bilateral ear infections and was infested with blood-sucking ticks. Excluding his severe dermatological (skin) issues, Angel exam was fairly normal. His bloodwork, fecal test, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, abdomen, and teeth were normal. The only abnormalities were his enlarged prostate (which was likely secondary to not being neutered) and him being underweight.

As the official township animal hospital, it became our duty to nurse the neglected shepherd back to health and make him adoptable. Angel’s demeanor was incredible; he was a big mush and never aggressive towards our staff during his various treatments. His therapy involved many oral and topical medications for his skin including anti-fungals, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and medication for mange. Angel also had daily medicated baths with soaking. Unfortunately, he then developed diarrhea from the various treatments and needed meds for his stool also. During Angel’s stay here his symptoms improved each day. After two months we were able to wean him off the medications and his fur grew in nicely. Angel gained 10 lbs and has energy and added muscle mass. We recently neutered him and performed a scrotal ablation (removal of the scrotum).



Although this case of the month was less educational than most, we were so pleased with Angel’s transformation that we wanted to share his journey with you and to reiterate what a good boy he is. We’d like to thank the East Brunkswick Animal Shelter and the various donors who contributed towards Angel’s care after reading about him in the Star Ledger Paper. Did we mention he has a fantastic new home?! 🙂