?Big News ?

We are EXCITED to announce the launch of our RT 516 VET App ?
Our App will give you access to
?Health alerts and articles?
?Request appointments, medication refills, and food?
?Get notified on upcoming appointments and services?
?Personal Pet Profiles with Selfie Shots ?? ?
?Loyalty Rewards Program ??

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program you ask ??
For every 16 Stamps earned you will receive a redemption stamp for $100 off of services ?
Get a stamp for every $100 spent, your Pets Birthday, Client Referrals, and more
To earn your first stamp Download the app and register
To link to our software, your email address must match the email we have in your account
☎️Contact the office for any assistance you need





We won!!

Best of the best veterinarian in Middlesex County for the 9th year in a row!! Thank you for voting for us!


Rabies Alert for Middlesex Coun

The Middlesex County Office of Health Services is reporting that a raccoon tested positive for rabies in East Brunswick, Middlesex County, in the vicinity of Washington Ave and Port St.

This is the fifth (5) rabid animal reported within Middlesex County for 2018 and the first (1) rabid animal in East Brunswick.

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We're On Instagram... Follow us.... "rt516vet"

We’re on Instagram!! Follow us ….. “rt516vet” email your pet’s photos to be part of our Instagram fun! rt516vet@rt516vet.com

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We are now offering a new line of vaccines at our hospital - the ULTRA line of vaccines!

We now have a vaccine that offers pets the same protection you look for with only half the volume. The ULTRA portfolio is the first 0.5mL pet vaccine line (most other vaccines are 1.0mL -see picture) and was designed to offer a more comfortable vaccination experience for cats and dogs. Pet owners like you may take comfort in knowing that your furry friend is getting the protection he needs. To learn more about the ULTRA portfolio, please contact us today.

We've passed our accreditation, again!

We are proud to announce, once again, that we have become re-accredited by AAHA - the American Animal Hospital Association!! They set the standards for excellence in veterinary care. We passed over 900 standards to become AAHA Accredited!! Our #1 priority is keeping your pets healthy because your pets deserve nothing less!!

Welcome to our new Online Communication System

If you are one of our clients, we've made it easier for you to stay in touch with us. You can manage your appointments or receive information on our specials and promotions or refer family and friends or let us know how we can serve you better. We are now a click away with our new online community. All we need is your email address and/or cell phone number. Email this information to rt516vet@rt516vet.com and we'll make sure you are connected with our hospital 24/7!!

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Read Me Right Meow!

Despite being a very common and seasonal household flower, lilies can be quite dangerous to cats. These flowers are known to cause acute Kidney disease in cats. All parts of the Lilly are considered toxic, including the pollen. Most of the toxins are found in the flower but even drinking the water in the vase can cause clinical signs in cats. With spring and the holidays upon us, please take care in making sure any holiday or floral arrangements do not contain lilies.


Early Morning Appts Now Offered Monday-Friday Starting 8:00 AM

we are pleased to announce early morning appointments starting at 8am on Mondays through Fridays we are also offering home visits including end of life care at home. Call our hospital for more information. Watch our website in the next couple of weeks for updates on new services being offered!

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How Much Do You Know About Pet Insurance?

Don’t you wish your pet could talk? Then he would be able to tell you when he’s not feeling well or where it hurts. Instead you learn to pick up on signs of illness in your pet. You also rely on your veterinarian to tell you exactly what’s going on with your pet’s health.

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FREE Exams for Shelter & Rescue Adoptions

We offer FREE Physical Exams for all newly adopted pets from Local Shelters or non-profit Rescue Groups. For your first visit you will be entitled to a complimentary physical exam to ensure you have adopted a healthy new member into your family. This visit must take place within 3 weeks of adopting your new pet.

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We Participate in the $20 NJ State Spay & Neuter Program

We have been participating in the NJ State Spay & Neuter Program since 1994!! If you adopted a Dog or Cat from a Qualifying Shelter or Rescue in NJ, you could be eligible for this $20 State Program! Check with the Shelter or Rescue or call us for details!

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Welcome To Our Online Store!!

Our online store is open!! You can purchase:
dog and cat food, heartworm medication, flea and tick preventatives and so much more! It is convenient, easy to navigate and user friendly! Everything shipped right to your home!

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Taking Your Pet on Vacation? Here are some tips!

Are you taking your pet on vacation with you this summer? Here are some tips to remember when traveling with your pet.

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Our Refer a Friend Program Do You knows about it?

If you refer a new client and their pet to us that has never been here before and they mention your name, you and your friend will receive a $10 coupon in the mail To be used at your next office visit! The more people you refer, the more coupons you’ll receive! Make sure your friends give us your name!!

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Dog Treat Info

When picking out treats for your dogs, there are some important facts you should consider first.
Where is it made? Always look for treats that are made in the USA to ensure high production standards and safety. Imported treats have created many problems in the past due to contamination and safety. Look for the MADE IN THE USA label.

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It’s Tick Season!!

Here are some tips for protecting you and your pets during tick season. Ticks can transmit diseases like lyme disease, ehrlihcia, anaplasmosis and rocky mountain spotted fever. Some of these can affect both pets and humans! One female tick can lay approximately 5,000 eggs!

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During these tough economic times we have a fast & easy solution to help with your vet bills. No Interest and Extended payment plans are available. At our hospital, we offer 18 months of no interest and no finance charges if the bill is over $200.You can apply quickly, easily and get instant approval and more information at www.carecredit.com.

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Pet Photos

Send us your pet’s pictures and we’ll put them on our website in our Photo Gallery! Email the pictures in jpg format to rt516vet@rt516vet.com Make sure you include your name and your pet’s name.

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